Larger male than female?

Quick question what do you guys think of pairing a larger male with a smaller female? For me specifically I’m thinking of pairing a 2000 gram 1.0 lesser with a 1800 gram 0.1 normal.


As far as I know size of the male should not affect the breeding. My close breeder friend had a almost 4K gram male and paired it to a 3100 female and they locked and produced just fine like any other pairing where the male was smaller so I would say at least give it a try and worse case scenario is they don’t breed but at least you could plug her to another male :grin:


I see zero problems with it. Size won’t play any factor in breeding. Only issue I could see is if your male is obese that would affect his ability to breed. 2000 grams is pretty big for a male I like to keep my males more lean.


Like Shaun said, obesity would your biggest concern. If it’s an older or genetically larger snake then weight isn’t a concern.

The Pastel Clown in that pic is a male. He’s 11-12 years old and 2700g. He’s about 4.5’ long. I’ve never had an issue pairing him to smaller females (or any females really lol).


Thanks everyone for the help!