Largest Isopods?

Ok. I’m sure I could do the whole Google search and come up with the answer, but I like to start interesting discussions on here. And I love isopods.

So what is the biggest isopod currently available in the hobby? And the biggest that you own?

Photos appreciated.


It is pretty much undisputed who is longest between P. magnificus and P. hoffmannseggi. (P. magnificus is orange though :slight_smile:). However, P. expansus has the “biggest” combination of length and width. At least in American hobby.

Rolling Isopods:
Helleria brevicornis. Only produces once in it’s life time. Biggest terrestrial “Roly poly” isopod.

A. Gestroi. Awesome yellow spots and is built like a tank.

First place: Largest I own is Porcellio expansus. None of mine are full size, but still are absolute STUNNERS. White skirt with random white blotching down the center of the carapace.
Second place: Porcellio bolivari bolivari
Third place: Porcellio haasi “High Yellow”
Fourth place: Porcellio ornatus “Choco, High Yellow”
Fifth place: Porcellio flavomarginatus



I will get some pictures later! My Porcellio bolivari pictures were listed on the “Show off your isopods” thread. I have lots more to get pictures of :slight_smile:

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Our largest are Porcellio haasi ‘High yellow’. And they’re on the show off your isopods thread. And to be honest they may all be dead now :weary:


Though I have seen bigger, much bigger than them. cannot remember the name but the breeder who we got all our last lots from had some biggens!!

Yes! There is a giant porcellio available in Europe that I saw a while ago, but cannot remember the name! Hoffs and Mags are our biggest :slight_smile:

My biggest atm are my porcellio werneris

And my runner ups are my dairy cows they are surprisingly large and I definitely underestimated how big they were going to get.


Those are definitely on my “want list”!

My biggest are my Croatian Giants.


Wow, those are awesome! I used to have a huge master culture of them, then decided to make the terrible choice to trade them off for other species because they were too “boring” for me. I regret it because these get really big, and are a super underrated isopod. :frowning:

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I got these for my 4 yo grandson because he likes to pick them up and let them crawl over his hands. I figured that these would hold up to it. He’s like super gentle with them though.

I also have some orange vigor that are pretty good size that surprised me with how big they got.


Nice! I am also super gentle with them, I have no idea why though. Even when I go herping I miss 9/10 lizards because I am scared they will dart and I will accidentally catch the tail instead of the lizard :slight_smile: and it makes me sad whenever a lizard loses its tail.
Yeah, Vulgare gets pretty big! I have Magic Potions and they get to a pretty impressive size. And the variety of designs available is amazing.

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It is Porcellio succintus! The name just occurred to me. The perfect mix of P. expansus and P. hoffmannseggi.

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Well I need some of those!

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