Last clutch of the 22/23 season

Pairimg was Orange Dream Het Clown to Orange Dream Blade Het Clown. I didnt get any clowns but this is one beautiful clutch. The super od blade makes up for that. 2 hold backs out of it. Only 1 not pictured is the normal.


Those guys unbelievable! My favorite one though is the one in the 4th picture. But all of them are amazing! :heart::blush::+1::frog::lizard::snake:


Thanks mine too. She is staying. I named her Valentine


Pretty name for a very pretty snake! Ball Pythons are growing on me! Lol! :upside_down_face::blush:


I went back and looked at my babies. I am in love. Haha. But the one i thought was a normal isnt a normal its a blade. This is the 2nd clutch ( now granted i only had 1 baby the first clutch he was super orange dream blade clown) that i didnt get any normals in this pairing. I have 2 blades, 2 Od blades and 1 super od blade. I dont know whether to be frustrated or happy. My male was sold to me as a single gene regualar orange dream. I have found he is het clown (so is female) and now super blade.