Last Clutch of the year... maybe?

Might be the last of the year, maybe not. This one was a surprise anyway, as we didn’t think she was going to go. Ha! Fooled me!:yum:

Pewter Clown to Mojave hetClown (unproven). Only three eggs and no visual clowns. But they were the biggest and ugliest eggs I’ve seen. Babies hatched out a few days early, all by themselves. They are all big (70g+) and feisty.

On to the pics

Mom on eggs

Ugly eggs

Everyone out and shed

Best guess on the genes


Congratulations on 3 beautiful babies you have there, last clutch or not! :snake::+1::blush:


Dang those babies look chunky!! I agree on your morph guessing. Very cool clutch and all het clown, good job you sneaky snake!


They are chunky, and hungry too. :sweat_smile: The normal is the sweet one, the two pastels are, typically pastel, frisky and snappy. :rofl:

Every pastel…every one…my whole collection, snappy…:joy::rofl:

If it has pastel in it, it bites me…:man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Those eggs were really big. The container in the egg pic is a standard 6qt sterlite that I incubate in, so you can see how big they were. They hatched out like 5 days early all on their own. Incubated at 87.5F hatched at 52 days. On that shelf, at that temp, they should have gone 58 to 62 days. The shed pic was several days later, and you can see how fat they are. Just kinda odd.


Actually those eggs look like potatoes! Lol! But those babies were so fat they out grew their eggs and had no where else to go but out! :snake::+1: