Last nights pairings 😍

Some of the locks from last night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

GHI Black Pewter x Leopard Pastel P/H Clown

Coral Glow (female maker) Spinnerblast Het Pied x Enchi Pied

Tri Stripe x Coral Glow Black Pastel Pied

Leopard Candy poss het Pied x Pastel het Candy

Banana Clown x Leopard het Clown

Tornado x Enchi Pastel Desert Ghost

GHI Mojave x Black Pewter

Leopard Clown x Volta

Black Head Butter x Black Head Enchi

MJ Lightning Pied x Pied Het MJ Axanthic

Pied Mojave het Ghost x Pied

Black Pastel D/H Albino Pied x Black Pastel D/H Albino Pied


Super nice sir!


Got these all locked into your NFS sheet :wink:


Omg! Sooo following you! I so want dibs on one of them babies once they hatch and are fully ready for their new homes. Maybe even two of them…:purple_heart::snake:

Thank you Sir, your the best x

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