Late blooming males?

Anyone else with a late blooming male?
Have tried pairing this boy for a year now. He is 3 years old as of january, 800 grams. Has been a slow grower but otherwise healthy.
I produced him and have tried him with a few ladies now. He is the only male ive had so far that has had zero interest in breeding.
Someone give me hope that he will come around haha. I would like to prove the harlequin instead of going off an educated guess, but his sire is a super mojave so i help this boy back to prove it out and possibly incorporate into more pairings down the road


Just going to throw this out there, are you positive it is a male? If so, he could just not be interested or a late bloomer like you said.


He is a male, but of course after i oeeked in just now i notived him showing interest for the first time since i started trying to pair him a year ago haha. So we have progress and hopefully he’ll figure it out


I have a male that didn’t breed reliably until he was 6 years old.