Late hello from South Florida

Super excited to be here. I’ve already gained so much new information. Now that I’ve taken some photos here’s my babies well some of them. I welcome all feed back.

  1. F Pastave YB ( They thought )
  2. F sulfer / puzzle /pos het puz they hadn’t taken the time to label so I snagged while the price was low . And cause they were pretty girls.
  3. F adult (1800) pos gravid Pastel Normal. I don’t know the pairing she came to me that way as a surrender to the local shop she came in the front door and left with me 30 minutes later.
  4. F banana pin Pastave
    5-6)F pastel normal. Just shed. First with me not a good one. But not bad. She’s extremely light on her back side and her orange and cream colors are more of an orange dream in person. Can’t wait to prove her in 3 or so years. Impulse buy at PetSmart.
  5. F Sulfur
  6. F 100% Het Clown from a sulfur x clown pairing from Runes Reptiles on Face Book . You can see how iridescent her head is. Super excited about her.
  7. M Super Banana Pin.
  8. M Banana Pie low white

Thanks for looking. If you have any ideas or feed back totally welcomed.


Pewter I meant pewter…auto correct changes to sulfur, dang it must fix!!!

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Hi and welcome :tada::tada:

You have some absolutely beautiful animals. Also I hope that you find our community is a wonderful place for a reptile lover to grow in knowledge and friendship. Welcome to the community again :heart:

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Welcome, your babies are beautiful! I love the banana pied male

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Welcome to the Community.
You have a nice collection of Ball Pythons. Love the Bananas


Welcome to the community!!!

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Hello from Tampa

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I do too!! They are so different. Some lighted some do t some get more freckles some the freckles get darker. The girl has no freckles I don’t think.

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