Late-night breakfast

Feitan was out early tonight investigating his no escape dish for the BSFL I put in there for him. Normally I don’t see him unless it’s 1am. Sorry for blurry picture quality but I didn’t want to open the glass and freak him out, the glass is dirty from water because these guys like to drink from misting rather than water dishes


I’m so envious! I would love-love-love a cave gecko of my own, but my apartment gets too hot. So I am loving seeing your wee fellow’s adventures!


I’m not sure if they’d get the temps high enough for a cave gecko, but I know several people in a discord chat I’m in that keep ensantina salamanders in a temp controlled mini fridge to keep them cold enough. They have it in the 60°Fs. Don’t know if those could get into the 70°Fs, but it might be worth a look at the range of temp controlled fridges

Nah I prefer pets to be visible (even if they always hide). I suspect this may be due to the fact that I am a totally impractical dork. :upside_down_face: I used to keep one of my axolotls in a fridge, and she did great, but I missed seeing her so much!

One day I aspire to having a room with it’s own air conditioner (when needed), where I’ll keep all my cooler temp-preferring little buddies! Let’s see… I’ll definitely need like an entire herd of axolotls, definitely a crestie, cave geckos for sure, satanic leaf-tails- omg, it’ll be great!!

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There are some with glass doors :eyes: