Late season/ early season pairings

hoping for some eggs from these pairings. Crystal x mystic potion, pastel pied x white wedding pied, and super sable vanilla x black pewter ghost.


Awesome pairings !!! I hope they all go for you!!!:smiley:

Can’t wait to see an update about your pairings and if you get your eggs. What made you choose each pairing?

The crystal x mystic potion are both super forms so you only get super Mojave, mystic potions, crystals, and mystic crystals. The piers are the only two breeding size pieds or het pieds I have. And the sable x pewter ghost is for females for my sable project.

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I wish you nothing but luck and a great clutch season! :grin:

Thank you I had a pretty bad run last season. Few long power outages cost me 28 eggs. It was pretty rough so has to be better this upcoming season lol.