Late season first clutch 2022

This year’s been waiting and waiting. First clutch just shed! Here they are:

everything’s also 66% het Pied

  • Normal
  • Trojan
  • Black Head
  • Leopard Black Head
  • Trojan Leopard Black Head
  • Leopard Pied
  • Trojan (not Leopard?) Pied

Didn’t hit the full combo I was hoping for but still holding out hope I hit the het.

Pre shed and post shed -

With/out Trojan comparisons -

And trying to capture one interesting effect of Trojan with my not-so-professional camera. If there is any lightness in the eyes near the eye stripe, Trojan strongly amplifies it. Even in a normally very dark eyed combo like Leopard Black Head. I’m also growing some single gene BEL complex Trojans and their eyes are very striking!


Nice clutch! Love that pattern and color on that Trojan pied combo! Also thanks for sharing the light eye stripe trait with Trojan! I had not ever seen or heard about that before and it looks good!


Congratulations! That’s a passel of pretty babies. Thanks for sharing