Leachianus gecko breeding pair

Hello! My husband and I are new to this forum and beginning to create our leachie collection. We have 8 babies - all under 7 month of age - all doing amazingly well. We would love to breed and know we are a few years away…we would love to find a proven pair for sale. Is that possible here?

Thank you!

You can definitely check the sales side of the site for any availability on adult pairs. The forums themselves won’t be able to help you on the sale side.

As far as the breeding side of things… I’m sure you can definitely look into asking what questions you have here. Since they’re younger, that gives you quite a bit of time to research and check around.
I’m personally more familiar with leopard geckos not leachies. I know there have been some people posting about them previously tho.

You can also check the sales pages for leachies for sale and most breeders will post an outside page where you can look for more information of contact them as well.

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Thank you so much for this! Will have lots of questions I’m sure.


Welcome to the communtiy!

Thank you! Lots to learn here.