Leachie Question

I was just about to get into the Leachie morphpedia pages and was wondering something. Probably would have been answered in the actual pages. But anyway.

Are there morphs of Leachies, or is it more of a locality difference with them? And does that also apply to chahouas?

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Leachies are both, locality and you do get Mel’s, high pinks etc. So it’s both!

And chahoua wise is mainland or pine isle, also you can get normal ones, reds, white collars, pastels (green and pink). So again 2 different locals and then colours etc also!
I use to have a pastel. And a friend breeds leachies and one breeds mossys. I know a few breeders of both but they’re not on here unfortunately.


Also I hope that I explain this accurately but the Morphpedia will not just be for morphs but also locality types and traits. It is and will be the biggest source of knowledge that the herp community has on one site and it will be constantly evolving and growing with the hobby. And probably best yet, it’s information will be accurate lol.