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I have been Interested in breeding BPs since I was a kid. Now that I am in a good place in my life and with my family support I have finally started my BP collection :grin:. I am awaiting the day my Lil Girl, I’ve named Nagini (yes I am a total Harry Potter nerd LoL), gets to come home. She is a few feeds away, and I already have her enclosure ready. When I get pictures I will totally post some. But for now, Her genes are Lesser and Orange Dream. I wanted to start my collection with an OD female as it’s just my favorite gene I have found, and my favorite color is Orange lmao. This all brings me to my questions LoL
I have read, at this point about 50% of the Morphpedia, and I have seen countless combinations with OD. But I wanted to hear some opinions/findings of experience about what can work well vs. what doesn’t with OD genes. So that I can start to do my own research to figure out eventually what male to get to pair Nagini with when I, and she, are finally ready!

My second question relates directly to the Albino Gene. I used to raise rats as a kid. Successfully raised about 5-7 generations. I quit when my favorite female, Lucille, died in sad circumstances while at another’s home when I was out of town. While raising so many rats I learned about albinism and how it can adversely affect health and especially eyesight!!! I had a few that were obviously completely blind, I would sell them to be snek feed quicker than most others.
So my question with that being my basic understanding at this point is simple, I guess!?
Does the albino genes follow suit and cause eyesight issues in the BP population!? Also, beside the wobble of Spider genetic lines, are there any genetic health issues the are specific to specific gene lines!?

Thanks for any and all who respond!!! As I am a prospective breeder I am eager to learn all I can before I actually start!!! It’s a goal of course to be an educated breeder!!! Any and all advice is truly NOT going to fall on deaf ears!!! I want very much to be an asset to the breeder community when I finally start!!! Thanks again!!!


OD is a great combo it cleans up pattern/slightly reduces and brightens it up! The most obvious to me is the Enchi, the two morphs do similar things, but together= wow. Also since you are just starting out it is not a super expensive gene. Check out things like pastel, Enchi, od with or without lesser and you will see what I mean! Also I am not aware of eye issues with the different lines of albino which are several, but they could very well not see as good but are snakes and I have seen snakes with no eyes function almost completely normal! As for other morphs and issues, ya there’s a lot you should know I will try to link it. But if not search this forum for ball python morph issues and you will see a article that list them all.
Morph Issues [Ball Pythons]
Hope this helps you! Also try to include a pic of your snake, everybody likes reptile pics here!

Morphs that I have found work well with OD: YB-complex, Enchi, Pastel, Calico, BlkPastel (under the right situations), darker alleles in the BluEL complex, Spotnose, Vanilla…

Re: Albino… With the way we keep them and their typical behavioural patterns, Albino balls are not terribly subject to eye issues. If you are keeping in a larger open cage with UV then you might want to scale back the intensity you would use (though I think most of the hobby over uses UV, but that is a different discussion). Over time, it is quite likely that they will develop cataracts, but this generally does not hamper them as they still make good use of their tongue and heat pits to get around.

And as far as morphs with issues, Bane covered that for you


So I just wanted to update my post.


Some sad news, partially, though; my original pick has not begun to thrive! So I’ll be getting her sister from another clutch!! Still a Lesser Orange Dream though!! And as one can see I’m choosing to keep the same name I’ve already picked, even with the slight change :laughing:
As soon as I get her home I’ll be taking some pictures and posting them here and also trying for our first bpotm contest too!!!

Lastly, thank you, to y’all that responded to my first posting. It was very helpful. Sorry I didn’t get around to saying that sooner, been super busy, with life in session in the last month while waiting for Nagini to come home!!! Now that stuff is settling into normalcy I will be trying to be more active in the Mm community!!! Thanks again for your support!!! :wink:

Well, life is strange!!! That’s for sure…
Since my last post on Wednesday, my life has changed 75% very quickly!!! My relationship broke up!!! My living arrangements are in upheaval and will be 100% different by Monday night!!! And yet there’s some silver lining that I’ll still be able to have Nagini!!! I’ll just have to wait until next week to pick her up… So yet again, as soon as I do get her I’ll be here posting pictures… It’s just a sudden and hurtful transition to get through first!!! Although it’s all weirdly relieving as well… I’m just practicing, “praying my Way through it all”!!! Thank y’all!!! Hope your weekend goes well, and that mine gets better lmao :rofl:… Good bless us all!!!

Well all, here she is Nagini!!! The Orange Dream Lesser!!!

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