Leaving feedback for sellers

How do I leave positive feedback, or a thanks, for a few sellers I have purchased from? Sorry if I have missed the answer in the forum!

The sellers should have marked that it was sold to you and then you should have received a link in the message to leave a review.

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Typically, the seller will initiate the rating process by marking an item as sold to a user. There are several places this can be done:

  1. The seller can mark the item as sold from the Inventory page, and assign the buyer.
  2. The seller can go to the Modify Ad page and at the bottom change the availability as sold to a certain user.
  3. The seller can use the “Sold To Them” quick reply button on the Messages page, which is displayed when the seller clicks the reply button to an inquiry.

Alternatively, the buyer can initiate the rating process on the Messages Page by clicking the reply button then the “Rate This” button as pictured below.


Thanks, I need to contact them… i eneded using their web page and email to purchase. Just wanted to give praise! Thanks for the fast responses!

Transactions that did not begin with a MorphMarket inquiry are not eligible for ratings on our site.


Makes perfect sense, thank you.

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