Leiolepis Genus (Butterfly Agama) Care and Info

Hey guys!

My name is Amaryllis. I am one of the owners of Folkvang Exotics.

I have been researching and studying the Leiolepis Genus since 2019. I have completed their care sheet for most of the genus, as only some of them are available in captivity.

I will be personally importing 30 Leiolepis Guttata in April 2023 - These are the giant butterfly agamas. These guys have been my dream lizard ever since I first put my eyes on them. Yes, I will hopefully have some available after a 90 day quarantine!

I have worked with over 100 Leiolepis specimen; Rubritaeniata and Ngovantrii were most of those. I have worked with Guttata as well.

This link has all the information! My google doc of the entire care sheet for all species, including identification help for your agama. Also included is my google sheet of the entire health record of all the guttata I will be importing, and the official facebook group.

I have had multiple, wonderful people helping me on this journey - shout out to Danizard for all the time, effort, and love you have put into this genus. Without you, we wouldn’t be this close to getting Guttata captive bred this soon! We can do this!

Pictured is a male Leiolepis Guttata, one of the beautiful boys I cannot wait to see.

Please, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask! I would love to answer them!


Those guys are really cool! I have never seen one before. Best of luck on your journey/project! :lizard::heart::blush:

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Photo is by Sylvain Calac!

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