Lemonblast Champagne Baby Pics Wanted

I have a clutch hatching from lemonblast X mimosa. I have one that looks to be solid white, and 3 or 4 that are a pinkish purple with a little dark lavender on the head. I’ll post a thread on them with pics once they hatch. The only male the lemonblast was with was the mimosa. But she produced a clutch from a coral glow kingspin last year. Does anyone have any Lemonblast Champagne baby pictures they could share? I’ve googled it, and what I’m seeing in the egg doesn’t look like the pictures I’m finding on google, or world of ball pythons.


Pastel and Champagne usually means white. I would say that the really white snakes may be pastel champagnes???

thanks. I wasn’t sure. Once they all come out Ill snap some quick pics and get them posted. Looks like one normal, two pinstripe champagnes, one lemonblast, and four of the pastel champagnes. Maybe a few of them are lemonblast champagnes… Then they are all 100% het orange ghost. So not a bad clutch… The last clutch from that mimosa male was six normal 100% hets, and a champ male 100% het ghost… Looks like I made up for the crap odds last time.

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