Leo going months without eating

I am concerned about my leopard gecko. Since November to today January 26th my gecko has only eaten three mealworms. My gecko is starting to drop weight. Tank temp is at 95 f in the hotspot. Gecko is having normal sheds and is drinking water. I am unsure of my geckos sex but is now 7 years old. I have a heatpad under the tank and uvb lighting. Tank is plenty big, and I have lots of hides a fake greenery. I use reptile carpet never moss. I’ve tried feeding mealworms, crickets, and superworms but gecko is not interested. At night i turn off all lights and humidity is at 40%. Is it normal for them to go this long without eating? How can i help my leo?

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Welcome to the forum! I’m so sorry that your first post involves an unfortunate situation with your gecko!

Feel free to post a picture so we can see him/her. Do you know for sure that he is 7 years old? It seems that their lifespan is 10 to 20 years. If you have access to a reptile vet I think it would be a good idea to have him checked out, especially since he is losing weight.

Otherwise I can’t think of any other advice to give you…….

Keep up us updated by all means! :blush::heart::pray:

Are you tong feeding them?
At this point if the weight loss is concerning I would bring them to the vet and have at the very least a fecal test done for parasites and bacterial infection.

That’s a long time for a gecko to not eat. I hope they start back up for you soon

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Thank you for your advice! Here is a picture. I will give the vet a call. I even feel like his color is less vibrant. I have tried cuttimg a worm and he licked it a bit ,i will also try tong feeding .

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He does look a bit pale! Glad he’s going to the vet! :pray:

When they start loosing color it usually means they’re stressed out. Sometimes they get moody and it happens for a day or two…If this has been a long term thing it’s definitely a good thing they’ll be seeing the vet.

I can see where the tail has deflated a bit as well so yeah that does look like some sudden weight loss.

I hope the baby gets a diagnosis and gets well soon!

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Went to the vet today. He thinks that she either has an egg or a blockage. I didnt do the xray so we are going to try to treat her for both. So i provided her a nesting box just in case its an egg and i am soakimg her every night for 5 mimutes if its a blockage. He said she probably has a fatty liver from her spout of not eating so I’m syringe feeding her reptiboost to try to get some vitamins in her to help her to feel better and to hopefully pass the blockage if it is that. She weighed 66 grams so she is still a healthy weight he said and might of been a bit over weight in previous months. He said he loosing color is a deficiency in vitamins and and stress. Thank you for all your advice! Hopefully i can get her feeling better and either pass a blockage or lay an egg🙃


Thank you for the update. It sounds like you have a good plan to follow. I’m so glad you are taking good care of her!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and keep us updated! :pray::heart: