Leo hatchling tail curled

Noticed today that my new hatchling seems to have a tail that remains curled. Is this normal and will correct itself, or is this a kink?


Cute baby. Sorry, I know nothing about leopards. Hope the little one is okay!

If your hatching came out of the egg with the tail curled then it will likely stay that way. If this is a new curl in the tail it might uncurl. Based on what I can see I think the curl will be permanent. This will not affect its ability to live a long healthy life. Best of luck with your hatching!


His tail has uncurled for the most part, but does seem to have a kink in it he has also gotten a lot lighter since he hatched. Any ideas what morph he might be? Unknown genetics on parents, but belive dad is a super hypo tangerine and mom is a tremper albino. I’m guessing he is probably a tangerine from pics I can find online. I have a hard time with what morphs look like as babies

If it was an albino I don’t think it would be able to have any black on it. Albinism=lack of melanin. Black markings=melanin. Baby would have been born without black if it was albino.

my guess would be hypo or super hypo tangerine. Very pretty and cute no matter the morph!