Leo id plzzzzzzz help

I got this beautiful baby and from my understanding there’s 3 types of albinos…

also I got them from Petco so little info was obtained from them when I got them. Ok my baby is definitely albino his eyes are red

@erie-herps can you see if you can help with this please? I am thinking a blizzard or something like that based on color.

Also @italiandude89 can you add some better pictures to aid in the id? Here is a link to help Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help


Not Riley, but at a glance it looks to be an albino super Mack snow. Maybe a second confirmation will be nice though.
Definitely need more pictures of better quality.

There are 3 types of albino. Hopefully the breeder gave you some info? Or was this little picked up somewhere else?


Better pictures in better lighting will help a lot. But a super snow albino is a good possibility. But, I can’t say for sure without better pictures.

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