Leo Morph identification help

Hey so out of my collection of Leos I have two that were rescues and one that my girlfriend got from petco. I have a rough idea on their genetics but figured I’d ask to see if I’m missing something.

First up is this absolutely massive albino girl from petco. She’s probably the biggest mystery out of the group she’s almost 80g at her heaviest and about 9.5" She’s almost Paternless like a blizzard but has light pattering on her head.

Second up is this shy tangerine girl that was bred to a mack snow by her previous owner who rescued her. She told me she was producing a mix of gem super snows. She’s been laying since I’ve got her but all the eggs ended up bad so I can’t confirm this.

Third is this super sweet long (about 9") Super snow male I picked up from a expo. The guy running a table said he was female which he definitely wasn’t and the owner that he was working for only said he was a rescue. He was barely 30g when I got him but so far he’s been putting on weight and is up to 41g after two weeks. The only real unusual thing about him is how dark he is for a super snow and his spots are actually more brown than black.


So I’m not super experienced with morphs, but I have a few different ones so I may be able to help! The first girl is possibly a rainwater. She doesn’t look like a my Tremper male, but he’s mixed with Murphy’s patternless. She definitely has that pale yellow look though, so rainwater is my best guess. The second female is a tangerine hypo, due to her lack of spots on her back. And the male is most likely a Mack snow. He does seem a bit dark, but he may just be darker or have some other morph mixed in. Those are my best guesses given what I have experience with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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