Leopard Albino...is it just a weak gene combo?

Personally from what I’ve seen when looking in the Leopard Morph of Boas. is what is being said is that they’re harder to get started eating which can come from that they are a dwarf locality based morph? But my main issue is when we make albino leopards we have so much higher death rates in stillborns in the babies. And then again the babies that do come out alive sometimes have a chance of dying off later. I just want to hear opinions on if the fact that leopard Albinos should still be something that some people aim for in breeding. Don’t get me wrong leopard albinos are beautiful, maybe there’s a way to breed them genetically speaking that would be better off, and the death rates would not be so high.

This is interesting and not something I’ve ever heard before. Is it with a specific albino (kahl, sharp, BWC, CA T+) or all albino types in general?

That’s what I was wondering. But I know there were some inbreeding issues with either the Kahl albino or the sharp albino , That causes bug eyes or missing eyes

Kahl albino was known for that problem in previous years. I believe that the issue has been mostly bred out now but I’m open to correction on that.

Right so I was like my main question because of how with bred them, do you think that that is caused them to end up being weaker babies? And do you think if we spread the genetics out over more blood lines and then brought him back together with the babies end up being stronger. (like how they did for Kahl)

Without knowing much about it it’s hard to say. Issues like that can certainly be caused by inbreeding (or to be more precise, weak genes and the problems associated with them can be compounded and exacerbated by inbreeding) but they can also be caused by 2 genes that just don’t go well together (think spider champagne in ball pythons)
If it’s just a high rate of stillborns and failure to thrive in a high amount of babies, but the ones that make it beyond 6 months or a year are fine, then it might just be a genetic depression that can be fixed by outcrossing. But that’s pure speculation on my part and I would defer to the experiences of those people who have worked with and bred this combo and what they feel about it.

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