Leopard/Bamboo Combos

Hi All,

I’m looking to get a leopard or bamboo combo ball python in June. It ill be a male hatching which i will grow up to eventually breed one day. What would you suggest and why?

For ideas of what pairings i can make in the future, I already have:
Male -Pastel lesser Cryptic het clown
Female - Pastel Woma
Female - Pastel Black pastel Lesser Het red axanthic

Personally I would go for a Bamboo Clown female and Leopard Clown male to fit in.

@annakirby will be able to give you some inspiration for your bamboo dreams :wink:


A male Leopard Pastel HRA would go great with your second female.

Why not get females to pair to the males you have already? Just out of curiosity.

You would obviously need to get some bamboo het clowns first. A bamboo clown is in the 1 to 2k range usd. I may or may not be getting something like this soon :wink:


I’d get a bamboo combo because there isn’t enough bamboo stuff out there and there is still a lot to be done with it.

I’d get a bamboo yellowbelly, yellowbelly is one of a few genes that go with everything in my opinion.

You will be glad you did!!


I plan on getting more females in the future but i have a space in my rack for a male. I also could not handle 3 clutches in 1 year yet. Im only 17 and on an apprenticeship. Id have no money for food! :rofl:

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Gotcha. I was just thinking about the Pastel Cryptic Het Clown that you have and you could pair that to a Bamboo Clown or a Bamboo Het Clown. I get what you’re saying now though. Carry on. Lol

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Just to play devils advocate (Bamboo is one of my favorite morphs), I think the reason there’s so much to do with Bamboo still is that it is a very dominating morph. A lot of stuff to try is risky and will probably give you something that looks not much different than the single gene.

That being said, I think if you’re smart about what pairings to try and love the bamboo morph then there’s some real gems to be found in new combos. At least that’s what I hope with my own bamboo projects!

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So you are? :joy:

I can neither confirm or deny lol

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Confirmed haha