Leopard Boa projects

I’m interested in knowing what the community is working with/towards. The variability with the gene is insane and I can’t wait to see what’s coming out in the next few years. I’m really hoping to see someone work with kraken or arabesque. On my end hopefully I’ll be pairing 2 of my girls (Hypo Aztec Colombian Motley het Kahl) and (RDR BEA CA Motley 50% Kahl) to a pos super Sunglow Leopard. BlackBerry Blizzards are my end goal :slight_smile:


At the moment all of my leopard gene animals are pure Sigma. I do intend to work leopard into a Kahl project down the road (thinking motleybesque Kahl albino Euro Pastel, Kubsch Pastel, Red Pastel x Leopard.) I may end up working leopard into my Sharp stuff eventually as well. Thinking Leopard x Motleybesque Jungle Paradigm). But those plans are quite a ways down the road. For now I’m just wanting to make Pure Boa Sigma Super Sonoran Hypo Leopards.


I have a leopard too!! In the future I’ll work with him 100% going for eclipses