Leopard gecko breeder help!

Hi! So I had two eggs laid On the 15th of May. As of about 4 days ago they noticeably swelled up. I know this is a sign of hatching. (Had them at 82 for three weeks, then switched to 88) Does anyone know the average time after swelling that they hatch?

I’ve never hatched Leos but I have hatched crested geckos and For them it usually takes around 90-100 days for them to hatch but I’m not saying that about Leos I honestly don’t know a thing about leos

I’d say within the next few days (with my experience that’s how long it took)

I thought it took at least 2 months to hatch leo eggs. @mblaney do you know anything about hatching leo babers?

Thank you a ton! And @ashleyraeanne , It does take about two to three months total, but I’m pretty sure after he babies eggs swell up and get larger, they hatch quickly.

I’m too rusty to remember, heh. tries to clear cobwebs from brain

Most of what I remember was the 2-3 month range, but i know that it can be around a month for males (higher temps). I hadn’t bred my geckos for at least 10 years before this season. It is incredibly exciting after so long! :blush:

I’ve heard conflicting things about changes to eggs prior to hatch, so I’m not sure of the timeline. I’ve heard that turgidity can rise, but i also heard from one dude that it drops. I’ve also heard that drops of moisture can appear, but also that eggs can get wrinkly. So I guess I’ll just have to see for myself, with my handful of clutches. Very exciting!