Leopard Gecko breeding issue

Hey guys I am having issues with pairing two of my geckos. Both geckos are a Universe (super snow, eclipse, wy). The female starting ovulating in mid December so I proceeded to pair them. I watched them lock to verify and then left them together for awhile. It has been a month and a half and no eggs. I paired them again the second week of January and the female was receptive again. I didnt however see them lock due to being pulled away so i left them together for 2 days. Again no eggs…shes still showing ovulation thats good size but i have not seen any sign of eggs and she is not interested in any male now…before i give it some time and try another male gecko am i missing anything. I really dont wanna have to go this other route with a different male. Have i missed my chance or will i be able to try another male soon? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


@erie-herps Riley do you have any insight on this?


Be sure that she feels secure in her enclosure and has a good spot to lay eggs. What a lot of people will do is pair the geckos every week even after seeing a lock until the first clutch is laid. A month and a half seems like a long time for ovulation. Usually they’ll lay eggs about a few weeks after being paired, but I’ve heard of it taking longer. Assuming both geckos are fed well and the female has enough calcium for proper egg development then it might just take waiting for her to lay. If she was showing interest in breeding and isn’t now, then I think she should be developing eggs and will lay them when ready. You still have time left in the year to pair them, so if she shows interest in breeding then you can pair them again.

Keep an eye on her for egg binding, this is a risk when breeding geckos where the female isn’t able to lay the eggs. If she shows signs of lethargy or isn’t eating you should schedule an appointment with an exotic vet.


She slowed down on eating but i started adding crickets to her diet along with mealworms both coated in vitamin supplements. She is eating well with both options. I tried again tonight to pair and she didnt seem interested. Her ovulation that started in december grew to almost the size of an egg but never did anything else. It doesnt honestly even look like an egg yet. Eggs should be white and this is more red/white i guess. Ill post a pic. The “ovulation” is also only on her right side now. Shes a super sweet gecko and seems to be happy. And she does have a nice moist hide for eggs/shedding. This is a bad picture but she didnt want to sit still tonight for a good picture. Any thoughts on this would be great. Thanks!


The pics do make it look like an egg but it hasnt grown or done anything in a month…in person it doesnt look like an egg to me…


It can be tricky to tell ovulations, but that looks like one to me. But, I can’t say for sure from the picture. It’s not uncommon for them to only develop 1 egg on their first clutch. Since you’re looking at the egg through their skin and it’s not fully developed/calcified, they don’t look completely white. if you have someone else to help you could shine a flashlight through the gecko which should make it easier to see if she’s ovulating.

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