Leopard Gecko Breeding Questions

I have a quick question for the more experienced breeders here. If the leopard geckos breed only once, is the first clutch the only fertile clutch? Or are the clutches to follow fertile as well? Does the male need to keep fertilizing in between clutches? Thank you all, you’ve all been extremely helpful and supportive, I love this community!!


One breeding produces multiple fertile clutches.


Yep, some people re-pair them after the 2nd or 3rd clutch but I just do one initial pairing- sometimes laying more clutches than they would with one breeding takes a big toll on their bodies.

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About how long after the “swelling” stage do your little babies hatch? I’m new to breeding, and have my first fertile clutch in the incubator. They swelled up 4-5 days ago. I’d like to get an idea of when they’ll be here. (Incubated at 81-83 °F the first 2 1/2 weeks, then moved to 88 °F)