Leopard Gecko Cipher gene addition [DONE]

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Species: Eublepharis macularius - Leopard Gecko

Name of Gene: Cipher

First produced by whom: John Scarbrough - GeckoBoa Reptiles

Year First Produced: 2015

Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc): Recessive

In complex with other genes?: No/Unknown

Other names/aliases for it?: N/A

Per John Scarbrough’s (GeckoBoa Reptiles) website:
"Juveniles - Body and full tail broken reverse stripe (no bands), reduced pattern, color enhancer, and solid eyes (no partial).

Adults -At the moment there are only Ciphers with wild type background genetics. Adults will lose a lot of the boldness of their stripe as they age, but this may change once more lines are added to them. Adults tend to show nicer colors than their het (wild type) siblings. Their eyes stay solid as adults."

Appearance: What it does/looks like?

  • Head: Fairly Normal
  • Body: Full/ broken reverse stripe
  • Belly: Normal
  • Tail: Full/ broken reverse stripe

Proven Lines: John Scarbrough, and myself have proven them multiple times over as well as many of John’s customer’s over the last 1- 2 years.

Related Genes: N/A

Proven: Proven Recessive many times consistently since 2015.

Unique: There are no other morphs displaying these traits consistently with proven inheritance.

Problems: None known

History: Per John Scarbrough’s (GeckoBoa Reptiles) website:
“I first hatched visual Ciphers in 2015 out of some of my pure marble eye groups. Since then I have thoroughly proven it to be a true recessive, following the typical Medelian inheritance patterns. The visuals have been test bred against Eclipse and Mack Snow with no interaction found from the hets. At this point they are all at least poss het Marble Eye, but since this came from my pure ME groups there are no other recessives in them. They aren’t linked directly with the marble eye gene — I believe the first het either came from a wild type cross or a spontaneous mutation in my collection. Either way they are here now! The background genetics in these geckos currently have no color or pattern in them (basically wild types), so I am very excited to see how good they will look once other lines/morphs have been mixed in. Still a lot of work to go, but I felt it was time to release the baseline info on them.”

Disagreement or Controversy: None Known

References here on the community: Not yet applicable

Please attach at least 3 photos you have rights to which you are granting to be used on MorphMarket :




Cipher Hatchling on left, normal on right for comparison:


@erie-herps @mblaney you might like this one! :blush:


@mblaney and I talked via email a while back about an oooooold line/morph, Albey Snow/Albey Line Bred Snows.


This looks awesome, it would be nice to have more mendelian genetics in leopard geckos. This looks very similar to eclipse except it has more visual differences and it keeps a visual difference as adults.
Since 2015 has anything been done with it (making combos) other than proving it as a unique morph? I saw an albino cipher on the link you provided but no mixes with snow, tangerine, or anything else.


The only real similarity with the Eclipse gene is that the Eyes are solid black, which even in Eclipses tends to only occur a percentage of the time, since they can vary 0%-100% pigmented. Not to mention the Eclipse gene can affect the pattern quite a bit, and in all ways that it does differently than seen in Ciphers. Super Snows (Mack) are the only other gene in leos that have the solid black eyes 100% of the time like Cipher does.

The person that discovered the gene has produced multiple Bell Albino Ciphers:

He has hatched at least one Tremper Cipher:

He has also released that he has worked on at least a few crosses with polygenic traits/lines like Firebold (Boldstripe Tangerine).

Just to be clear, All of the animals above were produced by the breeder linked, and not by me.

As far as my work with them so far… I was lucky enough to acquire the Cipher gene quite by accident in 2016, and did not even know that I had it until 2019. It came to me as an unknown/hidden het in some Marble Eyes that I acquired from John.

Since I have been knowingly working with them for such a short period compared to John, I have done MUCH less with the gene. I have also focused my efforts almost exclusively on trying to separate the two different recessives (Cipher/Marble Eye). Although I have done a Black Night x Cipher pairing last season, but that is rather unremarkable for now due to the polygenic nature of Black Night. Otherwise I haven’t released any other projects/information/animals so far.


Just want to chime in that I totally support Cipher being added. (@impeccablegecko is virtually always going to know WAY more than me about morphs & their history.) Eeeee I love Ciphers!! :heart_eyes: So exciting!

My original Albey Snow male passed away a few months ago, and I miss him dearly! He’s the gecko in my current avatar. I’m lucky to have 5 of his babies to remember him by- they’re all goofballs like their daddy!


Oh no, sorry to hear that. :frowning:


Sooo… What’s the rest of the process here?

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It’s on Morphpedia.
Feel free to add pictures for us to use!

The pictures in this post aren’t sufficient?

Also, it does not show up in “Morphpedia” for me.



Cipher is among our list for the next update :blush:

The Morphpedia page for Cipher is not published yet, so it wont show on Morphpedia.com as its still in its draft stage. If you can add more pictures then we can likely get it completed and published quicker :wink::pray:


What does it take to get it added to the portion of MorphMarhet where you actually list genes and sell geckos?


@impeccablegecko I must apologise here. Usually we fire these updates out once a month but the whole start of this year we have had one new feature release after another and it’s been really busy. This has been a huge transition to what is basically MorphMarket 2.0.

I’ll give the team a nudge to get round to this as soon as they can and I will personally go through your listings and add this trait tag to any of your ads as soon as we do :wink:



Cipher is now up on the site!


Awesome! Glad to finally have it, as well as Albey Snow, on there! Thanks for all that you all do!!!