Leopard gecko digging

My leopard gecko has been digging all night long for the past 3-4 days. Is that normal?? Like, I’m in a seperate room with the door open and I can hear her digging in her moist hide.

she could be trying to dig out a nest for eggs.


Has she been paired with a male? Either way she could be trying to lay eggs. I had a female I paired who laid one huge egg so after lots of time and digging she finally laid.


No she hasn’t! She’s newer to my collection so I’m curious if she was paired before I got her. I will keep a close eye on her. She was with several other leos where I bought her from and I’m not sure if they were all female! So they can lay eggs even when not being paired? Thats a lot of wasted energy!

It sure is wasted! Drives me bloody insane! I have a ton of elderly female geckos, and I’d swear some of them do it to spite me. :wink:

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:joy: my oh my!

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Yes but the eggs won’t be fertile

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is she new to the substrate, if so she is just digging, however if she did get paired before you got her it is a possibility that she is fertile

She did actually lay an egg after a few days of digging. Lol

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