Leopard gecko eating problem

My baby Leo isn’t eating, what can I do to save her

How old is she, how long has she gone without eating, did you hatch her or did you buy her, what sized enclosure is she housed in, is she housed with any other geckos, what are the temps, how many hides are in there, what substrate are you using, if any what decorations do you have in the enclosure.
All of this information will help answer your question.


Pictures of her will also help. A healthy leo can go a good bit without food, so seeing how much weight she has on her will help. Knowing what you are trying to feed her and how is another thing that would be good to know.


Take her to see a qualified herp vet immediately. You do not have long if it is a baby.

Find a herp vet

I find it disheartening this person responded to the previous thread 40mins ago of the picture they posted of this gecko but not the one of their concern.


The problem is we don’t know why she isn’t eating. It could just be their setup is bad, or they have handled and stressed her too much. It could also be the way they offer food, so telling them to go to a vet could make things worse if it is just stress related.

Most baby leos don’t have the tolerance for taking time to work things out and need immediate intervention. Given that this is a baby, and I am making the assumption that the poster isn’t very experienced and is probably a young person, this is a critical issue that needs immediate intervention from someone who is experienced. I would not have responded that way if this were a adult, a baby with an experienced keeper, or anything like that. They have posted a pic of another gecko that’s the rough equivalent of an adolescent, but they didn’t specify if it was the same gecko or not.

I didn’t respond beacuse I got her to eat

They were trying to help, you obviously needed advice. Even if you solved the problem you could of atleast clued everyone in. You did start the thread. ***I’m glad it’s eating,. One of mine wouldn’t eat until I tong fed her. Still do.

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