Leopard gecko eyes

My geckos have very different eye sizes and I really can’t find a reason why. Any ideas?


The one on the bottom looks like it is younger than the top one

They’re very close in size, but I’m unsure on age.

Males can have broader heads than females. Males will also have pores in a v shape near their butts as well. If they’re the same size you may have a male and female

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I’m not sure if I agree the with broader head statement. My female leopard geckos head is much more wide than my males. Although, she keeps her eyes pretty wide and he keeps his more normal like.

Does he keep his eyes like that even when he eats? My male will open his pretty wide when food is put in front of his face! My female will also squint her eyes when she’s relaxed.

Yeah, being broader isn’t the best way to identify male or females with leopard geckos. There are obviously exceptions to it like your female. If not a male and female the other one may simply be a broader gecko