Leopard gecko gendering question

I’m wondering if my leopard gecko is a male or a female. Here are a few photos


Take this with a grain of salt, as leos arent my big thing… but id say yours is still a bit too small to tell.

This is lune, who was tsf, but as “she” grew developed poors and hemipene bulges.

Apologies the lighting sicks, but youbcan see the pores here, in a slight arrow pointing up, as well as bulges


I agree with @jverz that it’s probably too early to tell. My guess is that the sex of your gecko is probably female, but you need more time to tell for sure.

I agree that it is too young to sex. If I had to guess I would say female but only time will tell.

I’m not seeing any pores but that gecko is also pretty small and it will be very difficult to impossible to visually sex without magnification. For example, my crested shipped as an unsexed gecko roughly aged 5 months and he was able to be visually sexed (with magnification) at around 8 months. Before then it was really dependent on lighting, angle, how fired he was… Now he’s close to a year old and very clearly male due to his hemipenile bulges alone but his pores are fairly visible to the bare eye.

I would let your gecko grow some more and if possible try magnification! I can grab some photos of my leopard gecko’s underside so you are able to see what a confirmed 2yo male looks like. Best of luck with this little one!

I agree with pos female!


Cresties can be sexed at 5g with ease and a louper of course!
Unsure why yours took so long, at 5 months should be sexed and someone be 100% on it, all mine get sexed at 3, 5, 10 etc. I check for pores from 3g and my gosh if they’re there, they’re there! :joy:

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He’s my first so I wasn’t 100% sure what I was looking for, it took several tries, not to mention he doesn’t tolerate handling well so I try to keep it to a minimum for his safety. He was 8g when he came to me, and from a newer breeder so that might have something to do with it? Regardless I love him a ton and am so glad I picked him up <3

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