Leopard gecko gravid?

Hey guys! I was wondering if someone could give me their opinion on if they think my new female super snow leopard gecko may be gravid? I know if so it could be infertile. She has not been with any of my males since I’ve gotten her august 13th. It is now the 26th. So a total of 12 days I have had her. The previous breeder did say she was proven and bred her beginning of season but no further details.


I see what appears to be a little lump and some blue veins but I really don’t have any idea! Someone will op up eventually with advice @marissaburnsworth!

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Maybe @mblaney will know?


Looks like normal fat pads to me. If you look up underside pics of gravid females and compare them to your gecko, you’ll often notice that there are four white blobs on the sides instead of two. Also, the season is essentially over; if she was gravid, she would have already laid eggs this season. (I should mention that am much worse at determining sex & whether a female is gravid than many other leopard gecko hobbyists, so take what I say with a grain of salt.)

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