Leopard Gecko Head Shapes?

Hey! So I was at a friend’s house the other day and was looking at her leopard gecko. I noticed its head was narrower and had a shorter snout than mine. When I see leos I tend to really only notice their pattern, and not so much their body shape. Can leopard geckos have different head shapes? Have y’all noticed this?

Of course there’s variation in everything but I haven’t noticed anything major for head shape. Some people say that super snows have narrower heads but I personally haven’t seen that. Did the gecko look like these? If it didn’t it was likely just variation.

Yep, not sure if they can have different head shapes. But apparently they can have small brain sizes because mine is not very smart…

EDIT: That was a joke. I don’t think they can have different brain sizes.

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Does yours try eating its own poop or thinks it’s a crested gecko? :rofl: I think they all have small brains.
(I’m kidding too)

Haha, no just the crested gecko thing :rofl: I also used to keep a mirror behind his viv and he would wiggle the tip of his tail at his reflection until I covered it up. He wanted to duel himself but his reflection knew all of his best moves :rofl:

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I’ve heard of deformities in super snows, but no this gecko wasn’t one, probably just variation. Interesting though. I could definitely believe the brain thing however; my gecko seems to think calcium is great mixed with water!


My gecko (same one as above) used to think that calcium goes great on repti-carpet (note: I don’t recommend using these and I switched to paper towels). One of my females doesn’t believe in egg-laying boxes. :rofl:

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Yes! My leo would dump the calcium out of the bowl then lick it off the towels as well! Never once saw him lick it out of the bowl.

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Personally I’ve seen tons of different variations in leos! Some have narrow faces, while others have more squished faces, and some have smaller eyes vs some having larger eyes. It’s just depends on the individual

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