Leopard gecko identification help

Curious if anyone knows what my two adult geckos are. Below I attach the adults and some pics of their off spring If that helps in identifying first 5 photos are the adult. Any help appreciated!

The first one looks like a hypo baldy albino but it’s hard to tell. If it is an albino you don’t know what strain it is, so the babies would all have to be sold as pet only. The second looks like a hypo. Are you housing them together? The babies all look like varying normals. They are all het albino of an unknown strain. The second picture looks like they are a super hypo (top) and a hypo (bottom), the third picture is a super hypo. The last picture is also a super hypo (it might be the same gecko though). All of the others are normals.


The first picture is the same male you said looks like super hypo… he’s been very bright yellow since I got him from someone on craigslist… i figured they was some sort of hypos… just don’t know my breeds very well… I’m keeping the two babies together and the two adults and one of the fully grown off spring together… one that is bigger that looks like a normal is with the two hypos

I recommend separating the adults. The male will often try to breed the female and end up stressing the female out. What temperature did you incubate the eggs at? If the babies are males then you should separate them too. Two males will fight to the death and if they are together long enough and they mature that could happen.


Incubation is at 82 degrees

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So they are most likely females. You should be fine housing the babies together, but if you ever see any signs of fighting or one follows the other around too closely separate them immediately.