Leopard Gecko Male or Female Please

Better pics of underneath will help.

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Its a rescue people never handled her/him and I’ve been working with it for a few weeks its now eating from my hand but is not ready to be picked up yet.

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I vote for female (if this gecko is an adult). I am not the best at sexing though, so let’s see what others have to say. :blush:

Thank You so much for your time

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OMG I totally forgot to welcome you to the forum! Welcome! :blush: If you have the time, we love it when people post in the ‘Introductions’ section with pics of their pets!

I’d say female too, I see no pores :grin:

Welcome to the community!!

Based on pics alone id say female as well. Knowing her weight could help confirn tho. Hard to say, if shes too small cuz if age or cuz shes a rescue. When i get home ill take pics of my male amd female for you to compare to.

Thank you so much for all your input much appreciated for this first time Gecko Mommy

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Thank you too for all the information you guys are awesome and have helped this first time Gecko Mommy


Ok, here are pics of my male ajd femape for you to compare. Girl is adult, unknown age. Boy is 9 months old.

On my male, you can see the pores in a wide V. and hes obvipusly got hemipene bulges.

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Hi are these male or female please? Both 7months old

Id say both are female

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When will I know for definite? They are 7months old at min

That i dont know, maybe one of the more experienced leopard people can chime in. My male is 9 months old and developed his pores and bulges around 7 months.

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I’m pretty sure they’re both female. If you don’t see pronounced hemipenal bulges and a row of prominent pores (females will still have tiny ones) by one year of age then you surely have a female.