Leopard gecko moprh/Breeding

I feel a tad bit confused and would like some help or clarification. So do people pair leopard gecko morph to the same morph like jungle tangerine to other tangerine or do people randomly pair things like magma rainwater het eclipse to a Tremper tangerine? I do not plan on breeding I just went on MorphMarket and found some gecko morphs from breeders and just put those for examples. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

It boils down to what genetics you’re working with and what you are looking to achieve.

First off. You would never breed a rainwater to a Tremper. I would definitely study leopard gecko morphs if you do consider breeding.
They are two different strains of albino and NOT compatible. You will end up with double het offspring that are not albino. And it makes for some big messes down the line if you’re trying to sell offspring.

Tangerine is typically bred to tangerine because that is a line bred trait. You are not guaranteed to get a tangerine because they don’t carry a copy recessive like albino. You basically are breeding the prettiest to the prettiest to get as pretty a baby as you can.

They type of gene or polymorphic/linebred trait is really what determines what projects people want to work towards.

You’ll find that as many “morphs” are polygenic aka linebred breeding two very different ones can be unpredictable, so yes in ways i tend to breed animals with some genetic similarity to ensure cohesive or predictable offspring (example: black night to black night cross or such)