Leopard gecko morph assistance

Hi! Was wondering if anyone can help identify my Leo’s morph? I thought at first she was a snow, because she didn’t have much yellow as a baby. Now She does and I’m at a loss, because I’ve never seen a leopard gecko keep bands. She’s about 6

-8 months right now. All my babies in the past have lost the majority of their bands by 3-4 months. She has zero spots, but as you can see a lot of pattern on the head and on her legs as well. I’d think super hypo, but my others have no pattern, bands or anything. All my guesses have been disproven somehow.


One of the three strains of albino (you cannot reliably tell them apart visually). Definitely Banded. Not possible to know if Mack or other type of Snow is present without knowing history (genotypes & phenotypes of dam and sire).


Probably a tremper albino by the look of it, but mblaney is right. It would be best to know the lineage. Overtime it has gotten more difficult to tell the 3 different strains of albinism in leos. Sometimes even impossible.

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