Leopard Gecko Morph help!

Hi all,

Please would someone be able to help me identify the morph of my Leopard gecko?? The breed I got her from said that the parents were lemon tangerine. Thank you!


Gorgeous gecko. She’s got some amazing color.

I could be wrong on ‘lemon tangerine’ as I haven’t been actively breeding Leos for a while…So anyone who knows better correct me! Here’s my take on this cutie though:
Lemon Tangerine is a bit more of a color description than what she actually ‘is’. At least as far as I know. I’m not as familiar with some of the newer combos and lines… I really wish breeders would break it down into something like “‘x, y, z’ also called ‘Lemon Tangerine’” instead of insisting on cool sounding monikers

She’s definitely albino. But from what you described her as, there’s no way to guarantee which one of the three lines she is: Bell, Tremper or Vegas. None of those lines are compatible with each other.

With that amount of color I would definitely classify her in the tangerine category, but tang is a line bred trait. It won’t be guaranteed to pass onto the offspring like albino or blizzard. I think that’s where the ‘lemon’ in the breeder’s naming may be coming in. She’s not as colorful as some of the high end tangs, so ‘lemon’ may be the name they’re calling their line of tangs because they’re bright and citrus looking instead of more Red.

Aside from that, she’s got a jungle pattern to her which is where her neat markings come from. And I would consider her a ‘hypo’ since it doesn’t look like there’s spotting on her back, just the white banding. That can change a bit as she ages though. Sometimes in albinos they use the term patternless instead, but that can be confused for the genetic Murphy Patternless and not the linebred hypo and super hypo.


Welcome to the forum @sofiacicc Sofia! That little girl is one pretty gecko! Her bright yellow color is truly striking! Congratulations and glad you found us! :blush:

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