Leopard gecko morph help

I was given this little guy Gomez and I can’t figure out what morph he is. His forehead! is blueish, base of tail is orange, but the main part of his tail is almost a lavender color. He’s more yellow than orange in the body and has jet black eyes.


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I think the tail colors are from carrot tail and hypo but maybe super hypo, the hypo gene explains the spots on his back. The blue forehead is his eyes showing through his skin, some colors and morphs show it more than others which is why you don’t see it in all leopard geckos.

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I’ve been searching all day and can’t figure it out haha!

He has to many spots for this, not enough spots for that.

For reference

Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot tail
Tangerine would cause the spots and purple/gray at the end of the tail and the orange at the base of the tail. The spots on Gomez look different on the tail.

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