Leopard gecko morph id

I know he is either a bell albino or a tremper albino which do you guys think?


You will only able to tell be breeding and trying to prove it out. Am I right @westridge?


Absolutely. The three strains of albinism cannot be told apart reliably without test breeding.


Clean Your Cage!!! but yes you can only tell the morph by breeding

Very hard to say for certain without proof, but I would lean more towards Tremper Albino. I would try to prove it out with a for sure Tremper Albino first and see what you get.

It’s best not to bother breeding this gecko, to just get a few more with known genetics. Any babies that this gecko produces with an incompatible albino will be normals that should never be bred. Creating double hets just adds more confusion to the gene pool. Enjoy this animal as a pet, and pick up an additional pair with known genetics. Just because an animal can be bred doesn’t mean it should.