Leopard gecko morph identification

Hey everyone I got this little guy earlier he was just labeled “designer” (cant tell so well from the picture but his stripes are more grey and black spots in them) so I was curious as to if anyone knew what morph it could possibly be? I know all my other morphs but unsure as to him but It’s an absolute gem though.


Adorable! That gecko is just a baby, so its pattern (and sometimes color) will change as it grows into an adult. Thus you cannot know what its pattern will ultimately be described.

All you can really say at this point is High Yellow Banded.

Also be very careful about handling from that height. A fall from that high onto a hard surface could kill a gecko.


I agree that at this point it looks like a normal that will probably turn out to be high-yellow. I also agree that sometimes you can’t be sure how a baby Leopard Gecko will turn out until it gets older.