Leopard Gecko morph

Hi community,

I have one lineage being born here but it’s being hard to identify due not seems a normal Mack Snow.
Male: Blazing Blizzard
Females: Midnight Blizzard, Mack Raptor, Raptor

I would like your opinion, it will be very appreciate.




So, if the male is a Blazing Blizzard, male = (presumably Tremper) albino + blizzard

Possible mom #1, the midnight blizzard, cannot be the mom. Her babies with your blazing blizzard male would be blizzards (but none would be albino). Since the babies are banded instead of blizzard-style patternless, they cannot, in theory, be her babies.

Possible mom #2, the Mack Raptor, (otherwise known as a Diablo Blanco, or snow + eclipse + Blazing Blizzard)= mack snow + eclipse + Tremper albino + Blizzard . With a Blazing Blizzard male, all of her babies would be blazing blizzards +/- other stuff. Since baby is not a blazing blizzard, they cannot be her babies.

Possible mom #3, the raptor. She is eclipse + Tremper albino. Thus, all of her babies with a blazing blizzard male would be visual Tremper albinos.

So what I guess happened, as neither baby looks like an albino nor a blizzard, is that the strain of albinos used were not the same. Though it is assumed that Blazing Blizzards, Diablo Blancos, and Raptors all use the Tremper/Texas strain of albino, it might be that one of your geckos actually has the Bell strain of albino, or the third strain, the Rainwater/Las Vegas albino. Because they can’t be reliably told apart visually, it’s not really possible to know which strain an animal carries if you’re not sure without test breedings to known strains. Another theory could be that patternless and blizzard genetics got juxtaposed somewhere. That could also be sorted out via test breeding.

BUT- both those babies are very cute! Here’s a webpage that goes over why it’s important not to get strains of albino mixed up:

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Hi @mblaney,

Thanks for your reply, I understood your points, but as I mentioned, two of those babies are from the female Midnight blizzard and male Blazing blizzard, well, I bought then with this information. To make new blizzards, I put this couple last year and added a new female (Mack raptor) to test the male too.

The weird is that all babyes seems mack or something like that. The melanine isn’t common here.

The male gecko when I bought, the person told that it was tremper albino, the same to the midnight blizzard, a few years ago. Let me share his photos



From this couple, the two clear ones were born, with this male and a mack raptor female, I got this two dark ones.

What you think ?



The frustrating thing is that it’s sometimes very difficult/impossible to be sure of a leo’s genetics based on how they look. Perhaps someone else could be more helpful than me?

It would be helpful if you could list the offspring you got from each pairing- theres definitely a mix up happening somewhere in there. I would guess either your male is not an albino (it can be difficult to tell with patternless animals) or if your male is a visual albino either he or the albino female are not the same type of albino (tremper/ bell / rainwater)

Even when you’re being really careful with lineage mix ups happen! I’ve had it happen, and I’m sure most other leo breeders have as well. Sometimes animals just don’t end up being what they were sold as