Leopard Gecko Morph?

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help my sister identify her gecko’s morph? We rescued her from someone who wasn’t taking care of her properly so we don’t know her genetics, and I’m not too knowledgeable about legged reptiles :joy: We assume she is an albino but I’ve noticed there are several types which I struggle to tell apart. Her pupil is a very dark red and the iris(?) Is a silvery colour. Thanks.


Hi! Unfortunately you can’t say with any certainty what type of albino she is because you can have a bell look like a tremper look like a rainwater- the only way to know for sure is extensive test breeding.

So all we can say for sure is that she’s an albino! Really cute gecko, glad she’s in better hands now : )

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Oh I see, I guess that’s why I got so confused then haha, thank you anyway!

You can never tell 100% what albino they have very very very very very slight differences that can only usually be told when they are a hatchling. But even then Tremper could look like cinnamon could look like bell could look like bright line bell could look like golden candy cane could look like rainwater. Golden candy cane and cinnamon are lines of Tremper and Bright line bell is well a line of bell. so don’t breed her ever. But I’m going to roll the dice and say it is a bell. Glad for your sister to rescue such a nice gecko. Make sure to dust the feeders with calcium and vitamins.