Leopard Gecko morphing

Hi I’m kinda confused and I need help.

I bred my Sunglow Tremper het Blizzard ph Eclipse to my Sunglow ph Eclipse and one of the Offspring was a Reverse Stripe tremper albino… And here’s the thing…

What should the Offspring’s morph be?
Will it be Reverse stripe tremper albino only? Or is it like
Reverse stripe tremper albino ph Blizzard eclipse??

Thank you in advance!

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Do you have photos of the parents?
Reverse stripe is a polymorphic trait. If one of the parents has a striped instead of banded tail, that’s why you might see it in varying degrees in the offspring. One of the parents is carrying that trait

Sunglow is Super Hypo carrot tail Tremper albino. The offspring will most likely be along the hypo to super hypo polymorphic traits if both parents are indeed sunglow. But if you’re seeing reverse stripe I am really curious on how much pattern your parents have.

As far as the recessives themselves go…
Every hatchling will be albino possible het blizzard.
1:4 should be visual eclipse or snake eye. The rest will be possible het eclipse.

Also… If it’s this pair, yeah. It’s the same answer as I gave basically.

The stripe is the only big question here but it looks like maybe your female may be the one with stripe judging by the color on her sides. But that’s really difficult to say without seeing the parentage and seeing them as hatchlings. Sometimes they still display a bit of banding or stripe before coloring up.

Ohhhh…​Yup it’s that pairing and here’s the picture of the mother currently plus the Offspring…

If it helps… Here are her other hatchlings with the same Male. I can’t upload the other pics because of the high resolution but what do you think?

Also…could it be Aptor?.