Leopard gecko ovulation

Can less than 24 hours of low heat cause a female leopard gecko to stop ovulating if she has a clutch in her? My thermostat quit on me and I can’t get one till tomorrow.

I honestly doubt it to be honest with you. When I had my first leopard geckos at age 10 I didn’t even know they were male or female but turns out one was male and the other was female, they ended up breeding and when she was gravid my heat mat crapped out on me and I wasnt able to buy one until 2 days later. She ended up laying eggs and they hatched as well.

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Hi! I am a new breeder of leopard geckos, and could really use some assistance. This is my very first time breeding my geckos, and I’m having an extremely difficult time telling whether they are gravid. I would seriously appreciate the help as I have not started up he incubator and really need to know. Thanks so so much.

Yes, she looks gravid. Check in another couple of days and those white spots should have grown. Also be ready to check her lay box frequently. Every day. Most sites say they’ll lay eggs every 16-24 days but I’ve had 2 geckos lay separate clutches 12 days apart before.

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Thanks so much for the help!

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How’s it looking? Any eggs?

None so far, hoping that she’ll lay soon. :pray:t2: