Leopard gecko protective?

So I have a pair of Diablo Blancos. The female was mainly staying in her hide while the male was being aggressive to anything that got near the hide. Has anyone ever heard or seen this behavior?
I cleaned their cage and found two eggs in the hide not sure if that’s why the male was being aggressive. Your input will help me figure it out thank you

Could be a variety of reasons and as far as I know the males for reptiles do not do the protecting of the eggs or offspring. Your male could just be aggressive because he is still in breeding mode because I know that some males will do that and he should be back to normal within a few short days or weeks.

Alright thanks. I removed the eggs and since I removed them he hasn’t been aggressive but pretty sure he just got over it since he’s been like that since a week ago , just trying to get my information on if they did protect them but you answered my question thank you again .

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