Leopard gecko, pure species addition [684] [PENDING]

Hey guys! It would be super helpful if you can add pure species to the leopard gecko tab.
Species like
E hardwickii
E angraminyu
E fuscus
Since these three species are still considered leopard geckos but they’re pure species- and don’t have any morphs. Instead of them being listen under the “other geckos” tab which some people might not see!
I have a few of these species I’ll be listing soon and would be helpful to others!


@mblaney @erie-herps any input here?


I think this is a good idea. These are all very similar to leopard geckos and they’re called leopard geckos. This would make it much easier to find these since they would be under leopard geckos. I’m thinking that they could be like under boa constrictors where there are different sub/species.


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It is definitely true that people breed and keep the other species in the Euplepharis genus. They also occasionally hybridize them with the Common Leopard gecko. Here are all the species in the genus Eublepharis:

Eublepharis angramainyu- Iraqi Eyelid Gecko
Eublepharis fuscus- West Indian Leopard Gecko
Eublepharis hardwickii- East Indian Leopard Gecko
Eublepharis macularius- Common Leopard Gecko (the one most often in pet trade)
Eublepharis turcmenicus- Turkmenistan Eyelid Gecko
Eublepharis satpuraensis- Satpura Leopard Gecko (not seen in pet trade as of writing this)

Here are the subspecies of Eublepharis macularius, the ‘Common Leopard gecko.’ People do breed these subspecies individually or in combination with projects, so it might be useful to have them as a trait of some kind as well, though they are the same species:

  • Eublepharis macularius afghanicus
  • Eublepharis macularius fasciolatus
  • Eublepharis macularius macularius
  • Eublepharis macularius montanus
  • Eublepharis macularius smithi (not really in hobby)

Right. So it would be super helpful to be able to add these pure species at least the 4-5 to start since with macularius and macularius crosses there is a “normal” tab for them already.

Would be great to see
E angraminyu are fairly common and come in a few localities.

E hardwickii are one of the more sought after species because of how different they look.

E fuscus are some what commonly bred also.

E turcmenicus are often mixed with macularius but also often sold as pure species.

E satpuraensis are slowly gaining popularity in the states as many animals have surfaced in Europe more so recently.


Under Leopard Geckos you guys definitely need a wild type category. They are all Genus Eublepharis so should be included here, instead of having to weed through the other geckos page.

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