Leopard gecko split tail during shipping- advice please!

I had a 110g leopard gecko shipped to me yesterday in a tiny deli cup. The gecko had no room to move or change position and her tail was split. I’m sure it either happened while forcing her into the deli or while she was pressed up against the cup for 24 hours. She definitely didn’t want to drop it because it’s half on half off. I’m upset for her sake but I don’t care about the tail. Just need advice on how I should handle it. Thank you in advance!


That’s awful! You can’t send a reptile in that…
She’ll probably drop it. Never seen the half on half off before! :flushed:
Have you said anything to the seller at all? That’s just plain cruel…


People make me sick :sob: :pleading_face: that poor baby. I’ve never dealt with this so I hope someone has some advice for your baby. :pensive:

If she wanted to drop it, she would’ve. I definitely agree she was forced into the cup causing the tear. This makes me furious :mask: :frowning:


I second this, please discuss this with the seller because I am in awe! Completely disgusted.


I am pretty sure it will regenerate tissue in the gap, but I will tag @mblaney since Marla might know more. That said, make sure to leave a bad review for the seller, because they definitely deserve it for this.


Interesting to know if that can happen! Not something I’ve seen before, so it’s an interesting topic.

100% agree. I’d also find out how to go about reporting them so they stop sending them in those tubs! Who else has had problems I wonder. I only use cricket tubs for babies or braplast for older to send my cresties in, lots of room and can move about etc.
That’s insane what she’s in^.
There was an issue with a breeder of cresties using those few months ago and the cresties were jammed in not being able to move, even wedged upside down!, and she got slated by a lot in the community to the point people stopped going back and couriers refused to courier from her…


Unfortunately the tail will most assuredly fall off, though since it is only partially detached you’ll want watch for the tail dying before coming off completely. I have had a leopard gecko before where a part of their tail had their tank lid fall on it and it didn’t detach but the signal to “release tail” still happened and it began to go necrotic though with minimal help it then detached and regrew with no issue.

I am pretty sure I seen a member (not sure who since it has been a while) with a leo that partially “dropped” the tail and it grew tissue back in the gap. Guess it just depends on if enough of it is still connected for blood flow.


I have seen this once before, and in that case, the tail was eventually dropped.


As @ashleyraeanne mentioned, I have a gecko that did not drop her partially detached tail. However, it was less detached than your gecko. Time will tell.

Edit: Most leopard gecko breeders send their geckos in deli cups, the problem for your poor girl was the size used.


It is straight up cruel to do that to a sweet gecko. I have one Leo myself and I could never imagine seeing he run that much pain. She probably is going to drop it :pensive: I’m sorry to say. I’m in utter shock at what the seller was even thinking when he put that sized gecko into a tiny deli cup!

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I haven’t said anything. I just told him what happened. He hasn’t marked it as sold to me yet so I’m not sure if I will be able to leave a review. I’m not sure where I can raise a complaint on morph market besides leaving seller feedback.

Yeah I’m totally fine with the deli cup method. That’s how I have gotten all of my other geckos and ship as well, it’s the size. He opted for a larger box too so I was shocked to open it and see the smallest deli for a 110 gram super giant. I’m traumatized and she is traumatized. She’s a retired breeder and I simply got her as a pet. What a way to thank a gecko for laying eggs for you for years… shoving them in a tiny deli cup and making them lose a beautiful fat tail.


All people blow my mind
In either how smart or not they are

@eaglereptiles Should be able to point you in the right direction. You should still be able to contact MM support even if you can’t leave a review.


Hi @kb_rhacs ,

Thank you for reaching out. We take these things extremely seriously.

The first thing to do is to reach out to the seller to let them know what has happened and give them a chance to make the situation a little less heartbreaking.

If you feel like you have exhausted all possible attempts to work things out with the other party, you can fill out this form: https://www.morphmarket.com/incidents/. It will help us expedite our investigation as well as create a permanent record in our database.

After you’ve filled out that form, an emailed copy of it will be sent to you. Please reply to that email with any additions or changes you want to make to your original statement, as well as any relevant attachments such as photographs and/or screenshots of text messages that took place outside of the original Inquiry thread.

Please also go through our Moderation Policies so you have a idea of what our role will be.

Our ratings system has two different methods set up for a buyer to leave a rating. Not all sellers mark the animal as “Sold to ____”, so we also allow buyers to initiate ratings. There’s a button at the top of the inquiry chain in the buyer’s MM Messages that says “Rate This”. This allows a buyer to leave a rating for a transaction, even if the seller did not mark the animal as being sold to them. Which will allow you to leave a review.

Thank you for tagging me @ashleyraeanne


Thank you for all of this information. I was able to leave a negative review and express my concern with his shipping methods. I am not looking for money back or to return her so I don’t think I need to fill out the mediation form. I’m so sorry for what she went through, but she is in good hands with me now and I’m happy about that. Her tail is still on FYI. I will keep you all updated. Thank you!


Are you allowed to name and shame the seller in this post? I’m currently looking to purchase through morph market and this is exactly why I am nervous to do so…

No, you are not. However, you can request the poster to send the info of the seller in a DM. You can name and shame them on FB and other platforms however.

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The best way not to get scammed is to read through all of their reviews. And if anything looks fishy when you are communicating with the seller, back out of the deal, it is not worth it.