Leopard gecko weight

This is the girl with some messed up legs (back left and front right, older posts on my profile) She obviously eats dubias’ well but I know she doesn’t get the exercise she needs, should I let it be or try and make her walk around? I’d like to get pain medicine maybe but I’ve read there can be problems with dosage long term. Probably going to be a vet visit soon
Pretty much just asking for ideas or recommendations


I will let the right person for the job respond to this @mblaney :grin:

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Sorry, I don’t have time to read up on the previous posts so I don’t have much to say other than that any gecko you suspect is painful should be see by an experienced herp vet. Forcing exercise before then would be insane. Absolutely do not give any pain meds made for humans.

Edit: Next time, it’s advisable either to put all relevant information in the post asking for help, or alternatively to continue the existing thread, so long as it is still relevant to the original post.


Do topics eventually go away? I actually couldn’t find the original post.

But essentially she was sold to us as a hatchling through morph market, and came in with really bad legs, the vet we went to said they had been broken but were already healing, so it had happened before we received her and possibly out of the egg

It doesn’t really add much other than how her legs got messed up
I promise I didn’t intend to give her human pain meds, more just wanted to know if a vet would even do long term pain med. But I’ll find out in a few days

Can you maybe make something to help her move around? I know it sounds crazy. But you see people all the time create things to help animals move around and have somewhat of a normal life. Like a dog without back legs… people make wheels for them to move around like normal. I’m sure it would be hard to do but worth a try? :woman_shrugging:t3:


A herp vet would most likely consider long term supplements but not true pain meds. Pain meds in leos are not well studied. Last I heard, there were decent studies in bearded dragons but not geckos, though that intel is old. The pain meds I’ve seen used would not be options for life-long treatment in a young gecko, they are for short-term use.

Though you can use some of the same supplements as you do for other pets, but the dosing is different and it’s important to get a recommendation on dosing directly from a herp vet that has examined your wee one in person.

If you absolutely, 100% cannot see a herp vet, DM me and I’ll give you some generic recommendations. It’s a much much better idea to see a herp vet in person for this though.


I just noticed this, most has already been said. I recommend a herp vet visit and if she’s comfortable being handled (not trying to run away) then you could get her out and if she wants to walk around she can and if she doesn’t she doesn’t have to. That might give you an idea of the pain.

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