Leopard Geckos not Breeding? (need advice)

Hey! I’ve been trying to breed my two leopard geckos for a little over 2 months now (trying to pair every weekend) and my female (Mack Snow, W&Y, het. Eclipse) does not seem to be reciprocating my male (Super Mack Snow, Bell Albino, Eclipse). When they are placed together, in the female’s cage, the male begins rattling his tail like normal, but instead of her doing the typical half-hearted run or nipping at the male, she raises up as high as she can go on her legs and doesn’t let him mount her and the male eventually loses interest. Every time I attempt to pair them they have either have this reaction or the male doesn’t even make an attempt at a tail rattle and simply walks around her cage. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and possibly had some advice on how to fix it?

Here is some further information-

-The female is 64 grams and the male is 57
-Both are over 1 year old
-They live in separate 20 gallon cages with a warm spot of 82-85
-They are fed a combination of dubia roaches, crickets, meal worms, and super worms every 3 days

Thank you for any info you can give!


Try pairing every other week. I personally try to avoid pairing females weekly. You might have better luck during a storm when there is lower barometric pressure. The female might just not be ovulating and receptive. In that case just pair every other week and see if the female’s receptive. I had a female similar to this. I left the two geckos together for 2 days (I skipped that feeding, removed food dishes and the only decorations were double hides and water, I didn’t visually see a lock but the female laid fertile eggs that hatched so it must have worked.


Thank you for a quick reply! I’ll be sure to try all of these things, thank you so much!


I’m glad to help. Keep us updated if it works.